Switch Juniper EX4650-48Y-AFI

Switch Juniper EX4650-48Y-AFI

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Switch Juniper EX4650-48Y-AFI​​​​ (EX4650 48Y AFI) EX4650, 48 25GbE/10GbE/GbE SFP28/SFP+/SFP ports, 8 100GbE/40GbE QSFP28/QSFP+ ports, redundant fans, 2 AC power supplies, 2 power cords, 4-post rack mount kit, and back to front airflow.

Mô tả sản phẩm Switch Juniper EX4650-48Y-AFI

Thiết bị chuyển mạch Ethernet EX4650-48Y-AFI của Juniper cung cấp khả năng chuyển mạch lên đến 2Tbps cho các kết nối ở Layer 2 và Layer 3, hoạt động như 1 Secure Router, Servers, hay 1 switch. Switch Juniper EX4650-48Y-AFI cung cấp 48 cổng tốc độ 1GbE, 10 GbE hoặc 25 GbE sử dụng modulequang SFP/SFP+/SFP28 của Juniper và 8 cổng 40GbE/100GbE quad SFP+ transceiver (QSFP+/QSP28). Sử dụng các công nghệ như Python và Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), cho phép quản trị viên dễ dang cấu hình và quản trị thiết bị.

Thông số kỹ thuật Switch Juniper EX4650-48Y-AFI

Switching Capacity• 2 Tbps (unidirectional)/4 Tbps (bidirectional)
• Layer 2/Layer 3 throughput (maximum with 64 byte packets): 2976 Mpps (wire speed)
Interface Options• 1GbE SFP: 48 (24 copper 1GbE)
• 10GbE SFP+: 48/80 (with breakout cable)
• 25GbE SFP28: 48/80 (with breakout cable)
• 40GbE QSFP+: 8
• 100GbE QSFP28: 8
• Each QSFP+ port can be configured as a 4 x 10GbE interface or as a 40 Gbps port
• Each QSFP28 port can be configured as a 4 x 25GbE interface or as a 100 Gbps port
• 1 USB 2.0 port
• 1 RS-232 console port
• 2 management ports: 2 x RJ-45 ports
• Supported transceiver and direct attach cable (DAC)
• SFP 1GbE optical and copper module
• SFP+ 10GbE optical modules
• SFP+ DAC cables: 1/3 m twinax copper and 1/3/5/7 m active twinax copper
• SFP28 DAC cables: 1 m twinax copper
• SFP28 optics: SR, LR
• QSFP+ DAC cables: 1/3 m twinax copper
• QSFP+ optics: SR4, LX4, ESR4, ER4, LR4
• QSFP+ to SFP+ 10GbE direct attach breakout copper (1/3 m twinax copper cable)
• QSFP28 to SFP28 25GbE direct attach breakout copper (1 m twinax copper cable)
• QSFP28 optics: SR4, ER4, PSM4, CWDM4, LR4
Virtual Chassis• 100GbE and 40GbE as Virtual Chassis port
• Virtual Chassis Routing Engine (RE) election
• Virtual Chassis pre-provisioning (plug-and-play)
• Auto-LAG formation of Virtual Chassis ports
• FCoE transit across Virtual Chassis members
• QoS on Virtual Chassis ports
• Local designated forwarding
• Graceful RE switchover (GRES)
• Nonstop routing (NSR)
• Nonstop bridging (NSB)
• Monitor distributed aggregate interface
• Control plane protection for virtual RE
Airflow• Redundant (N+1) and hot-pluggable fan modules for front-to back and back-to-front airflow
• Redundant variable-speed fans to reduce power draw
Power Supply and Fan Modules• Dual redundant (1+1) and hot-pluggable 650 W AC/DC power supplies
• 110-240 V single phase AC power
• -44 to -72 V DC power supply
• Redundant (4+1) and hot-pluggable fan modules for front-toback or back-to-front airflow
Performance Scale• Layer 2
  - MAC addresses per system: 288,000
  - VLAN IDs: 4093
  - Number of link aggregation groups (LAGs): 80
  - Number of ports per LAG: 64
  - Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) instances: 64
  - VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol (VSTP) instances: 509
  - Jumbo frame: 9216 bytes
• Firewall filters
  - Ingress filters: 1500
  - Egress filters: 512
• Layer 3
  - IPv4 unicast prefixes: 360,000
  - IPv4 unicast routes: 208,000
  - IPv4 multicast routes: 104,000
  - ECMP paths: 64
  - IPv6 unicast prefixes: 170,000
  - IPv6 unicast routes: 104,000
  - IPv6 multicast routes: 52,000
  - ARP entries: 64,000
• Traffic mirroring
  - Mirroring destination ports per switch: 4
  - Maximum number of mirroring sessions: 4
  - Mirroring destination VLANs per switch: 4
Weight• 23.7 lb (10.75 kg)
Dimensions (HxWxD)• 1.72 x 17.36 x 20.48 in (4.37 x 44.09 x 52.02 cm)
• Switching mode: Cut-through and store-and-forward
• Front-to-back (airflow out) for hot aisle deployment
• Back-to-front (airflow in) for cold aisle deployment
• Management and console port connections

Tùy chọn License cho Switch Juniper EX4650-48Y-AFI

EX4650-PFLEX4650 Premium Feature License
EX4650-AFLEX4650 Advanced Feature License

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